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In 2015, St John Ambulance WA CEO, Tony Ahern, approached the Minister of Health to conduct an external review into five suicides of St John paramedics and volunteers that occurred between December 21, 2013 and March 30, 2015.

The Minister appointed the Chief Psychiatrist to carry out the review. The Chief Psychiatrist finalised the report in November 2015. The Minister for Health released the report on March 9, 2016, and St John also provided a formal response.

St John CEO Tony Ahern also commissioned two further reviews during 2015 into St John’s workplace to optimise the wellbeing of St John’s culture and people by first accurately understanding its current state.

These reviews were:

  • The Chief Psychiatrist’s Review - to understand the factors contributing to the deaths of the five victims of suicide amongst St John’s paid and volunteer workforce.
  • The Phoenix Australia Review - to examine the culture of St John and ways to improve it.
  • The Independent Oversight Panel (IOP) Review - to understand the health and wellbeing of St John’s people and workplace.

Together, the reviews and their recommendations form part of a broader journey of improvement that St John began in 2012 to intensively foster the wellbeing and culture of the organisation.

For St John’s planned actions to implement these recommendations, please see the response document from CEO Tony Ahern.