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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Medicare cover the cost of an ambulance service?

A: No. Medicare does not cover ambulance services.

Q: I’m surprised by the cost of the invoice. Why isn’t the price cheaper?

A: St John Ambulance is a not-for profit organisation who provides Ambulance Services around West Australia every day of the year. To meet the high standards the community requires, we invest in trained paramedics and communication officers, fully equipped Ambulance vehicles, and enough depots to ensure we can respond to calls within expected response targets. While we understand the cost of using an Ambulance can be a problem for some, Ambulance transport invoices need to be paid in order for us to continue to provide this essential service to the West Australian community.

Q: Can I insure myself against the cost of ambulance services?

A: Yes. Those in the Perth metropolitan area should contact a private health provider to arrange a level of Ambulance Transport coverage suitable for their personal requirements. Those in regional areas can contact a private health insurer or their local St John Ambulance Country Sub Centre, who provide an Ambulance transport subscription option.

Q: I just got my bill and my insurance will only cover urgent ambulance. Can the service type be changed from non-urgent to urgent?

A: No. St John Ambulance uses a recognised medical dispatch system that is designed to ensure consistent and medically appropriate dispatch of ambulance resource to meet the patient care needs described by a caller to triple zero (000). The priority assigned to the ambulance dispatch does not change because of the subsequent treatment provided, medical supplies consumed or the eventual diagnosis.

Q. Is the person who called for an ambulance responsible for paying the bill?

A: No, the person who is treated and/or subsequently transported to Hospital is responsible for the bill. In cases where an ambulance has attended the scene and the person was treated but not transported, an account for the standard fee will be sent to the patient.

Q: I’m having trouble paying my ambulance bill. Can you help?

A: Yes. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your ambulance bill, please contact our Accounts Department staff who can assist you to establish a payment plan. Please call (08) 9334 1212 for assistance.

Q: What are the discount arrangements for Pensioners?

A: WA Residents aged over 65

  • WA Pensioners aged 65 and over are entitled to free ambulance transport, where it is deemed medically necessary ( the exception being a transfer between hospitals where one or both is a private hospital).
  • WA residents who are aged 65 and over, but do not receive a Pension from Centrelink, are not entitled to free ambulance transport. They may receive a 50% discount on their ambulance account ( the exception being a transfer between hospitals where one or both is a private hospital).

For further information and Frequently Asked Questions, please go to the Department of Health Website.

A: Other Pensioners aged under 65

  • WA Pensioners receiving a Disability, Single Parent or Carers pension or other Centrelink pension may be entitled to a 50% discount on their ambulance account. Health Care Card holders are not entitled to any discount or concession.
All pensions are confirmed with Centrelink to be current at the date of service for the discount to apply. A copy of the pension card is required for dependants listed on a card. 

Furthermore, you can visit the Department of Health's website to review their FAQs