St John Ambulance now delivers primary health services through our acquisition of Apollo Health and the establishment of Urgent Care Centres. Expressions of interest are sought from vocationally registered GPs experienced in urgent care, rural general practice or similar who may like to join the St John Urgent Care team. Attractive packages and conditions are offered.
Please call Michelle Evans on 08 9334 1451 to discuss the positions available.

Information Pack for Doctors
Location: Metropolitan Western Australia


St John Urgent Care Centres are not hospitals or emergency departments. They are designed for patients that have an urgent medical issue but not an emergency. Patients attend without an appointment and are typically seen in the order in which they arrive.

Suitable presentations include:

  1. Simple general practice presentations
    Such as repeat prescriptions, notes for work, minor viral and bacterial illnesses, rashes etc.
  2. Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal injuries
    25-40% of presentations are expected to be orthopaedic in nature such as sprains and stable appendicular fractures to wrists and ankles.
  3. Lacerations requiring suturing
    Minor soft tissue injuries such as cuts and lacerations requiring stitches or glue.
  4. Foreign bodies
    Minor foreign bodies in soft tissue, ears, nostrils and eyes.
  5. Eye complaints
    Sticky eyes, corneal ulcers, foreign bodies in eyes etc.
  6. Low acuity ambulance transfers
    St John Ambulance may transfer low acuity ambulance cases to St John Urgent Care.


The doctor’s role at St John Urgent Care is to assist in the provision of quality, timely medical care for patients attending the service.

Required competencies include:

  1. Fracture management (clinical exam, x-ray interpretation)
  2. Suturing and wound management
  3. Examination of eyes and removal of foreign bodies
  4. Efficient time management to cope with busy periods
  5. Clerical speed and accuracy for preparing discharge summaries, raising billing codes etc
  6. The ability to recognise and safely redirect clinical presentations unsuitable for urgent care (for example to an ED, family GP or community mental health service)


St John Urgent Care Centres operate from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

There are two 7 hour shifts daily:

  • Morning shift: 8am-3pm
  • Afternoon shift: 3pm-10pm

Full-time positions, Facilities Service Agreement options as well as locum opportunities are available. Penalty rates apply.

Case Load

A typical caseload at an Urgent Care Centre reflects ED Triage Category 4 and 5 patients and walk-in general practice patients. Follow-up sessions are also encouraged to promote the best possible patient care.


The provision of quality patient care is more important than the number of patients seen. However the Urgent Care service is audited to monitor key performance indicators such as wait times, patient presentations and the nature of referrals to emergency departments.

Contact Us

To find out more about St John Urgent Care Centres and the positions available, please call Michelle Evans on 08 9334 1451 or email medservices@stjohnambulance.com.au.