Pet First Aid Kit

Product Code: #0180

Dimensions: 240mm x 180mm x 90mm

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This pet first aid kit is specially developed for cats, dogs and family pets! Designed for pre and post vet care, this emergency first aid kit has a range of dressings inside to help you care for your injured best friend.   

First Aid Kit For Dogs, Cats and Other Animals   
St John’s Pet First Aid Kits are perfect for pet owners and any Australian household that looks after animals on a regular basis. We know that curiosity can sometimes lead your cat or puppy astray and accidents can happen. When it does, it’s vital that you’re prepared to stabilise your pet’s wounds before seeking medical treatment.   

Each kit contains items and supplies that are designed to help stabilise injuries and prevent further trauma before you transport your beloved dog or cat to the vet for treatment. This emergency pet first aid kit is perfect for both canines, felines and other animals.  

$34.95 includes GST

Kit Contents

Each Pet First Aid Kit includes:   

1 Blue self-cohesive bandage – 5cm
1 Blue self-cohesive bandage – 7.5cm
1 Blue self-cohesive bandage – 10cm
2 Gauze swabs
6 Iodine antiseptic wipes
1 Wound dressing No.14
1 Wound dressing No.15
1 Combine dressing – 10 x 10cm
1 Combine dressing - 10 x 20cm
4 Saline tubes – 15ml
2 Non-adherent dressings – 5 x 5cm
2 Non-adherent dressings – 7.5 x 10cm
1 Hypo-allergenic tape
1 Disposable scissors
1 Tweezers
1 Thermal shock blanket
1 Disposable pouch
2 Nitrile gloves