Baby First Aid Kit

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Dimensions: 265mm x 185mm x 90mm

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This baby first aid kit is an essential easy-to-carry first aid box for parents and carers of newborns, babies and toddlers. It makes the perfect emergency first aid kit for the car or home and contains all the essential baby first aid kit items required to treat minor scratches and to manage unexpected accidents.  

Due to its portable nature, the Tiny Tots Safety Kit makes the perfect baby travel first aid kit. It is light and compact enough that you can easily take it with you on your travels while containing all the baby first aid essentials. So, you can rest assured you are prepared for any emergency no matter where you are.  

Buy Baby First Aid Kits Australia
St John WA has over 130 years' experience providing first aid and medical supplies in Australia. If you’re looking for a comprehensive medical kit for your newborn baby or young child, then look no further. With all the essential baby first aid items, the Tiny Tots Safety Kit has it all. With Australia-wide shipping and free delivery to the Perth metro area on orders over $99, buy online today.  


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Kit Contents

Baby First Aid Kit 
Catering to newborn babies and young children, this first aid kit contains the following first aid supplies you need to protect your family in an emergency situation:   

2 Conforming bandages - 5cm 1.5m  
1 Triangular bandage - 110 x 110cm  
2 Non-adherent dressing - 5cm x 5cm  
1 Sterile wound dressing - No. 13  
1 Pack Adhesive plastic strips (pk 10)  
2 Gauze swabs - 7.5cm x 7.5cm  
1 Forceps stainless steel sharp – 12.5cm  
2 Splinter probes  
2 Sachet itch relief 1g  
2 Saline eye and wound irrigation 15mL  
1 Scissors stainless steel sharp/blunt - 12.5cm  
10 Nappy wipes In air tight container  
2 Antiseptic wipes  
5 Plastic nappy bags  
1 Instant cold pack – disposable  
1 St John CPR instruction card

1 Set of baby nail cutters