Low Voltage 1000V Rescue Kit

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This kit is designed to be used by a safety observer trained in the safe rescue from electrical equipment. It contains essential first aid equipment needed to respond to first aid electrical incidents, including insulated 1000V gloves, an insulated LV rescue hook, a fire blanket, and more.

This kit complies with Australian standard AS-4836 for low voltage electrical installations.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Size: 47cm x 13cm x 25cm
  • Weight: 2.4kg


Book a Low Voltage Rescue course to learn how to safely use the Low Voltage 1000V Rescue Kit here.

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Kit Contents

Kit contents

Inside the Low Voltage 1000V Rescue Kit you will find the following products:

  • 360500              Waterproof torch with rechargeable battery
  • 358205              1000V insulated gloves
  • 335915              Insulated LV rescue hook
  • 308500              Fire blanket (1.2m x 1.8m)
  • 300907              Isolation sign (20cm x 16cm x 3mm)
  • 2010                 Universal dressing (20cm x 91cm)
  • 3080                 Emergency accident blanket
  • 419110              Burn treatment card
  • 8883548            Reusable pocket mask
  • 8883545            Burn (Hydrogel) dressing (10cm x 10cm)