Large First Aid Kit

Product Code: #7653

Dimensions: 360mm x 250mm x 140mm

In stock. 50+ available.

An extensive large leisure kit with fold-out pockets, the Large Leisure Kit is filled with supplies to ensure you’re prepared for every situation from treating minor cuts through to heavy bleeding and trauma. This kit is perfect for the home, family activities, sporting clubs and for off-road adventures.

$149.95 includes GST

Kit Contents

2 x Heavy crepe bandages - 10cm x 1.5m
1 x Crepe bandage- 5cm x 1.5m
2 x Crepe bandages - 7.5cm x 1.5m
2 x Triangular bandages 110cm x 110cm
2 x Combine pads 10cm x 20cm
2 x Combine pads 10cm x 10cm
1 x Universal dressing- small
2 x Non-adherent pads 7.5cm x 10cm
2 x Non-adherent pads 5cm x 5cm
2 x Sterile eye pads
1 x Hypo-allergenic tape 2.5cm x 9m
1 x Zinc Oxide tape 2.5cm x 5m
1 x Fabric dressing strip 6.3cm x 1m
1 x Pack Fabric adhesive strips (pk of 50)
1 x Pack Plastic adhesive strips (pk of 50)
1 x Pack Alcohol swabs (pk of 10)
1 x Pack Antiseptic wipes (pk 10)
3 x Packets gauze swabs 7.5cm (pk of 3)
10 x Saline steritubes - 15ml
1 x Stainless steel sharp/blunt scissors 12.5cm
1 x Stainless steel sharp/blunt forceps - 12.5cm
1 x Universal trauma shears - 19.5cm
1 x Pack Splinter probe/removers, sterile/disposable (pk 5)
5 x Nitrile disposable gloves
1 x Resuscitation face shield - disposable
2 x Emergency Shock Blankets
1 x Pack Safety pins (pk of 12)
1 x Instant cold pack - disposable
2 x Biohazard specimen bags
1 x Notepad and pencil
1 x Emergency First Aid Guide