Mental Health First Aid Course Perth

Mental health first aid provides support for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis or mental illness

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St John WA’s Wellbeing and Support Services Manager, Donna Lawrence, talks about the First Aid for Mental Health course which she led to develop.

What is First Aid for Mental Health? 

Learn how to recognise the signs of mental health issues – in others and yourself – with the St John mental health first aid course. 

Practice reaching out to colleagues, friends and family with this one-day course in Perth and learn how to provide support for them or yourself in a mental health crisis. Our mental health training course will help you build your knowledge and understanding about stress, depression, anxiety and suicide, and learn the importance of the crucial first steps in helping someone to seek professional ongoing care.

Mental Health Training and Support for Organisations and Businesses in Perth, WA

Mental illness is now the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in the developed world, and costs Australian workplaces an estimated $10.9* billion a year. Anyone who manages people or is responsible for a team should learn these essential skills. We also encourage organisations to train all their employees to learn how to support one another.
The St John mental health first aid training course can be conducted in workplaces across Perth and WA for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 people.

By taking part in these mental health initiatives, businesses can reduce absenteeism and compensation claims, and improve productivity.

See our mental health fact sheet for how negative mental health could be impacting business.

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Course price: $175 per person
Course duration: 1 day (9am – 4pm)
Max number participants per class: 12 
Training locations:
Perth CBD,  Belmont and Fremantle training centres

(or your own venue for a minimum of 8 participants).


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Topics covered in the course

Understanding mental health

What is mental health?
Breaking down the barriers to mental health
Mental health - it’s about mind, body and lifestyle
Physical health first aid vs Mental health first aid

Putting first aid for mental health into practice

When to know when first aid is required (timing)
What you can do
How you can help
Effective communication, knowing what to say and how to say it

Building mental health knowledge

How to recognise signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and suicidality
How do these signs and symptoms affect people?
Understand how to help someone from the first aid perspective

Taking care of yourself

Self-help techniques
Stabilisation techniques
Mind hacks

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Yagan Square is located within the arms of the William Street Horseshoe Bridge, between Roe and Wellington streets in Perth. Look for the orange buildings or the tall Digital Tower. Yagan Square is located on the border of Perth CBD and Northbridge and easily accessible on foot, bicycle and by public transport.

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Paid on street parking is available in the surrounding city and Northbridge areas for periods ranging up to two hours during the day, with some free parking in the evenings.

You can find longer parking options just a short distance away if you need more time at Yagan Square. Visit City of Perth Parking (CPP) or Wilson Parking (WP) for locations, ACROD information, rates, opening hours and available bays.

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An Australian First

In our St John virtual reality, you are placed in an immersive illusion. You will be guided through important first aid topics, such as DRSABCD and defibrillator use by MIA. MIA is your Medical Information Assistant who will offer step by step instructions throughout your training.

VR 3

We can all agree that first aid training is incredibly valuable and well worth doing. However as technology advances, so must St John. There are 2 main barriers for people to do a first aid course; time and money. The new St John Skills eliminates those obstacles. Short, cost-effective training will allow us to conduct training all over WA. Think remote regional towns, think while you are waiting for a plane at the airport, think…anywhere!

Is it still as effective? Absolutely. Some could even argue that VR makes this an even more valuable learning experience because users can go at their own pace. Go back and repeat if they want to without the pressure of a full class. Users will also be transported into an “environment” that will more closely reflect real life scenarios. This could be a helpful tool to teach users to maintain composure in high-stress situations.

vr 2

Get ready to experience the digital realm with St John. Learn to save lives with unparalleled technology.

Coming early 2019!

Register for your chance to win an Oculus Go!

Be amongst the first to become St John Accredited with the new First Aid Skills, in virtual reality. Coming early 2019!

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Competition ends 20 October 2018 at 11:59pm. View full terms and conditions

Learn First Aid skills on the go

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Practice life saving skills at a time that suits you, from anywhere! Introducing St John WA’s latest app, St John First Aid Skills - a world-class training experience to suit all ages. Get your first training module free.

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Apple coming soon 


Please send any questions regarding the app to

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