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Western Australia is made up of legends. Everyday St John WA staff and volunteers do legendary things but they’re not always the first people on the job. Ordinary people often step up to do extraordinary things to help people in times of distress.

We want to hear about those legends. It doesn't have to be heroic or life-changing, it just needs to be about a legend doing a legendary thing.

From calling triple zero to administering first aid and locating a defibrillator – whether performed by a trained St John paramedic or an innocent bystander, are acts of legends. And legends are precisely what we all need right now. 

Your story may be used in a number of different ways. It could turn into a bravery certificate for a child who helped, an appreciation award for a member of the public or an acknowledgment of outstanding service for a paramedic or volunteer. 

Some stories are so inspirational and serve to encourage others to be legends too, that we might ask your permission to share with the wider community and maybe even as part of our St John Documentary Series! This will be at our discretion and of course we will seek your approval first.

We look forward to hearing your story.

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Pre-order the book

If you’ve ever wondered what stories about legends doing legendary things look like, grab a copy of the Land of Legends. It is our first-ever children’s book of inspirational stories that tell the tales of love, heartbreak and courage as experienced by everyone from children all the way through to centenarians. From triple zero call takers to innocent bystanders. It is a book about Legends across WA - the Land of Legends.

Pre-order your copy here.

Land of Legends Book

St John Giving

Part of the proceeds of the sale of this book go to St John Giving. St John Giving provides community support through a range of fundraising programs and initiatives for vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk Western Australians with the aim to build safer, more resilient communities throughout the state.

To find out more about the charitable work St John does, visit 

St John Giving

Land of Legends

Have a sneak peak of one of the Land of Legends stories.

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