John XXIII College officially becomes ‘St John Safe’

John XXIII St John Safe

John XXIII College has received the highest level of accreditation and new status of St John Safe. The school campus in Mount Claremont is now more prepared for first aid and emergency situations. 

St John WA’s St John Safe program recognises towns, schools and organisations that are fully prepared through first aid training, adequate first aid equipment, including first aid kits and defibrillators, and forward planning for emergency situations. 

To achieve a St John Safe accreditation, schools and organisations must go through an in-depth onsite assessment by St John WA, which is followed by a comprehensive list of recommendations detailing the necessary steps to become compliant to the measures outlined by St John WA. 

John XXIII College have been working towards the accreditation since 2017, taking on a series of recommendations that have seen the prestigious school recognised as a first aid ready location, which included making the switch to coded defibrillator cabinets across external machines. The school now has one defibrillator to every 310 students, with five machines across the campus.

About half of the staff at John XXIII College are first aid trained. Year 12 students recently completed their ‘Provide First Aid’ training session through the school’s Pathways and Transition learning program.

John XXIII College Principal, Robert Henderson said he was proud to receive their accreditation from St John WA, with all systems now in place to deal with an emergency.

“Working with St John WA provides an opportunity to improve health and safety standards for our staff, students and visitors to our campus,” he said.

“It’s a great initiative and we’re so pleased to be one of the first schools in the state to receive this accreditation. It’ll be great to see other schools and organisations follow suit.” 

St John WA Head of First Aid Training and Equipment, Aaron Harding said being first aid ready was so much more than just having a first aid kit or a poster on the wall. 

“Our goal at St John WA is to increase the awareness of first aid in the community, so that West Australians feel confident and capable in times of need and emergency,” he said. 

“Having schools like John XXIII College become St John Safe is a great example of the steps organisations can follow to better prepare themselves when it comes to first aid.” 

WA schools and organisations can book a St John Safe assessment with St John WA by calling (08) 9334 1233 or emailing Find out more information on the St John Safe Assessment here - first-aid-compliance 

Posted on:

23 June 2021

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