St John Giving’s call to arms to equip communities for medical emergencies

Ferdi Fourie St John Giving

In a medical emergency, every second counts and over 2.6 million square kilometres is a lot of ground to cover. A lot can happen in the window between an unfolding emergency and paramedics arriving, and regional areas face deeper challenges where response times can be much longer.

St John WA identified this significant survival gap between an emergency unfolding and paramedic support arriving and designed a range of not-for-profit programs across the state to equip civilians with the tools they might need to withstand an emergency whilst help was on the way.

Now, St John Giving, the fundraising arm of St John WA, is encouraging everyday people to rise to the challenge of fundraising to support and expand a variety of St John WA programs. These programs include First Aid Focus in primary schools, Community Transport for the elderly and vulnerable as well as the St John First Responder App and Community First Responder Programs, which connects over 250,000 people in the community to nearby public-access defibrillators, first aid directions, and a direct line to the triple-zero call centre.

Enter St John Giving’s Community Fundraiser portal which has been launched to facilitate willing members of the public to fundraise for their local community.

This new functionality encourages both individuals and organisations to embrace their corporate, social and environmental responsibility in a fun and meaningful way by providing them with the means to do so.

The new portal offers a range of pre-selected fundraising opportunities in which the community can get involved with such as hosting a morning tea, getting active, or taking a trip. Users can also submit their own fundraising initiative to St John WA to have it hosted on the platform. By hosting a St John Giving fundraiser, the individual or organisation can create their own fundraising page and appeal for donations that reach the not-for-profit, directly.

Ferdi Fourie, Head of Fundraising for St John WA, has put his hand up to host the first community fundraiser. He will be participating in the 2021 HBF Bunbury 3 Waters Running Festival and aims to raise $5,000 for St John Giving. This figure will provide up to 1,000 Western Australian children with crucial first aid training through the free First Aid Focus school program.

Ferdi is out to prove that generosity can be modelled from the top down and hopes to inspire other organisations to follow suit.

“We are really encouraging organisations and individuals to put their best foot forward and get involved with this new fundraising platform. It’s a great way to boost team morale and have fun whilst supporting a worthy cause. It also provides a great opportunity to align with like-minded entities,” said Ferdi.

WA is a community of givers and with their support, St John WA can continue to share knowledge and provide access to vital tools that will help build resilient communities and ultimately save lives.

To host a fundraiser in support of your local community, visit:

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7 April 2021

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