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Please ensure you are running the latest version of our free smartphone app, First Responder.

Release notes

iPhone(iOS)/Android – v1.5.6

Release Date: 3 August 2018

  • Added support for two levels of First Responders: BASIC and ADVANCED.
  • The BASIC level is available by uploading your photo ID within the app. BASIC users can respond to the set of incident types where CPR skills will make a difference to the patient.
  • The ADVANCED level is for users who have completed an HLTAID003 Provide First Aid course or equivalent. ADVANCED users can respond to all incident types.
  • Added the First Responder Level Screen, showing a description of your level and which incident types you have access to.
  • Added the ability to upgrade your level from BASIC to ADVANCED, after you have completed a first aid course.
  • Added support for retrying the upload certificate and upload photo ID functions, if your first upload was reviewed and marked as invalid.

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