Communications Officer

It takes a special person to change lives as a St John Communications Officer. If you're ready for a challenge and the opportunity to make a real difference to the people you talk to then register your interest today.

Communications Officer Information Book (pdf 882.83KB)
Commitment: Part-time, Full-time, Fixed Term, Casual
Location: Perth Metropolitan Area
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Communications Officer
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Our Communications Officers sit within our “000” Call Centre which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week in our Belmont State Office.

The Centre is responsible for receiving all ambulance emergency (000) and non-emergency calls made within Western Australia. The role of our Communications Officers is to deliver pre-arrival instructions, including first aid advice, prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Receiving urgent and non-urgent telephone calls for ambulance attendance
  • Provide pre Ambulance arrival Instructions to the caller, who maybe experiencing distress
  • Ensure a high level of customer service and attention is delivered to the customer and the call is well managed

Skills and knowledge required 

  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to remain calm, compassionate and professional while taking control of situations
  • Ability to actively listen and multi-skill
  • Strong working knowledge of computer systems and proficient keyboard skills, including speed and accuracy

Continuing Education Program

Communications Officers will undertake a yearly Continuing Education Program where they will learn and consolidate new and existing skills and experiences

Recruitment Process

The process all applicants undertake ensures we employ Communications Officers of the highest standard, and who share the same ethos and values. Please download the Information Pack to see the stages involved for the recruitment of our Communications Officers.


After 12 months’ service at a particular salary point in a Classification, an employee is eligible for progression to the next salary point in that Classification if they meet specific requirements.

PositionWeekly Base RateHourly RateRotating Shift AllowanceRotating O/T Shift AllowanceWeekly WageAnnual Wage
CO 1st year$1,213.09$31.92$300.08$21.95$1,535.11$80,081.75
CO 2nd Year$1,246.85$32.81$308.43$22.56$1,577.84$82,310.59
CO 3rd Year$1,323.85$34.84$327.48$23.95$1,675.28$87,393.90
CO 4th year$1,394.34$36.69$344.92$25.23$1,764.48$92,047.09


The ordinary hours of duty shall be an average of 42 per week, worked in a series of shifts arranged in a roster. The roster is organised in an 8 day cycle running DDNNXXXX where D=11.5 hour day shift, N=12 hour night shift and X=day off.