Be part of something meaningful

At St John we work across both First Aid and Ambulance Services. Our model of engaging Career Paramedics and Volunteers allows us to deliver the highest quality pre hospital care across even the most remote communities throughout the State.

It's our amazing, dedicated and committed group of people that make us so successful at what we do. St John Ambulance employs more than 1300 paid staff including paramedics, communications officers, patient transport officers, administration and support employees and first aid trainers.

Our activities are also delivered with the support of more than 4,500 volunteers who donate more than three million hours to the community every year under the St John banner. From running the ambulance service to teaching first aid in hundreds of locations around regional WA - each and every one of our staff and volunteers gives an invaluable service to the community.

Our aim is to serve and make a difference to our communities - wherever they are. St John has undertaken several international projects and humanitarian missions, providing knowledge, expertise and resources to communities such as East Timor, Zambia and Nepal. Not to mention training over half a million Western Australian school children in first aid, free of charge. No matter which part of the St John team you join, you’ll be part of something truly meaningful. To find out more about these initiatives visit

Mutual respect throughout our diverse teams

The team spirit that pulses throughout is one of the most important benefits of being part of St John. There’s a deep understanding across our organisation that to deliver our first aid and ambulance services throughout our State everyone has a role to play. It’s the unique St John team spirit that has been created by people proud to be part of something truly big, where every person in our team has an understanding that each and every one of us is part of the whole and we are stronger together.

St John is committed to achieving a diverse workforce and strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from culturally diverse backgrounds and people with disabilities.

Growing with St John

At St John we promote self-learning and development and encourage our people to seek out opportunities for learning.

There are development opportunities to grow you professionally and to keep you at the forefront of the constant changes in technology, equipment and healthcare - we understand that if we all grow individually, we will grow as a team. For our people, that creates the reward of being able to be a life-long learner. For our community, that creates the reassurance of a service that is constantly looking for ways to improve.

Join us – we’ve been waiting for you

A range of career opportunities are available now on our Employment page, and there are regional and metro roles for volunteers on our Volunteers page. Take a look through these roles and consider how you would like to contribute to our amazing St John team.