Community First Responder

Community First Responder

The St John WA Community First Responder program provides life-saving support to cardiac arrest patients during the crucial moments before the ambulance arrives.

When someone suddenly collapses from a cardiac arrest, it's important to know if a defibrillator is close at hand. Organisations can register their defibrillator and contact details with St John WA, making it easier for the community to access a defibrillator quickly.

If your organisation has an internal defibrillator available during work hours or an external defibrillator available 24/7, we urge businesses to register their device on our network. Together we can help to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.


How our network works

The Community First Responder network enables us to send for help before the ambulance arrives.

1. Incident

A person experiences a sudden cardiac arrest.

2. Send for Help

Bystanders call Triple Zero (000) for help.


3. Dispatch

An ambulance is dispatched to the scene.


4. Deploy

The St John WA State Operation Centre either contacts a first responder OR informs the caller about the nearest defibrillator location.


5. Provide CPR

The Triple Zero (000) call taker will advise the responder whether CPR or a defibrillator is required.




6. Emergency services

Once the ambulance arrives, paramedics will take over from the Bystander.

Defibrillator network locations

The Community First Responder Network has more than 10,000 defibrillators registered, making life-saving first aid equipment even more accessible to the Western Australian community. 

Whether you have a defibrillator that is only accessible during office hours, or you have an external defibrillator, by registering on our network, we can make a difference in improving the survival rate of cardiac arrests. 


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Need more help?

If you have any questions about registering a defibrillator, our defibrillator network or a current registration, please contact us on:


Call: 08 9334 1418