First Responder app

Be emergency ready with the First Responder App — your go-to resource to help you learn and provide first aid. Find first aid guides, locations of nearby defibrillators, and more.

Qualified first aiders in Western Australia can register as Community First Responders. In the event of a medical emergency within 500 meters, registered responders are notified and can assist until help arrives.

First Responder

The features

Our First Responder app has a range of valuable features to support you in learning and using first aid, as well as helping you to be emergency-ready.


First Responder

Respond to medical emergencies within 500m and help out until an ambulance arrives.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Locate your nearest Urgent Care clinic and see live wait times for emergency departments.

First Aid Guides

First Aid Guides

A resource of helpful first aid guides covering a range of scenarios and topics.

Community Transport

Community Transport

Book travel to community centres and medical appointments with first aid-trained team members.


Defibrillator map

Find nearby defibs and add new locations to the State Defib Network.



See your first aid training history and book new training through St John WA.

The First Responder app is packed full of value, features and support for your community.

How responding works

There are four parts to responding. Accepting, getting details, helping, and handing over to paramedics.

Urgent Care

Step 1: Accepting

If you’re within 500m of an incident, you will receive a notification to help. You can either accept or reject.

Urgent Care

Step 2: Getting details

Once you accept the incident, you’ll receive details such as the patient's name, address and incident updates.

Urgent Care

Step 3: Arriving & helping

Get to the scene as quickly and safely as possible. Provide first aid and stay with them until help arrives.

Urgent Care

Step 4: Handover

Once help arrives, let them do their thing. Your help as a responder may have saved a life.

Levelling up

There are levels to being a Community First Responder. And you can move between them. Your level determines what types of incidents you can be assigned and respond to.

Basic Level


Advanced Level


Staff and Volunteer Level

Staff & Volunteer

AED Level


In the news

The First Responder app has been recognised and reported on by Australian news outlets for its positive impacts.


Did you know this?

If you work in emergency services, or you're an AHPRA registered health professional, you can become a Community First Responder with just your ID or certification.

Need some help?

Our Community First Responder Team are ready to help. Get in touch now:

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Frequently asked questions

About the app

What is the First Responder app?

The app allows qualified first aiders in Western Australia to register to become Community First Responders.

If a nearby (500m) medical emergency occurs, they can assist until help arrives.

It's full of features that support you with learning and delivering first aid. It helps you to be emergency-ready.

What features don't work without the internet?

The features which require mobile coverage and internet access are:

  • Dial 000 (mobile coverage)
  • Dial 000 automatic GPS locator (internet access)
  • First Responder (internet access)
  • Your courses (internet access)
Does the First Responder App work without the internet?

Many features don't require internet access.

However, the first time you use the app, you will need the internet to download content.

You will need to visit both the defibrillator and urgent care maps directly to download their content.

Once downloaded, you'll be able to use these features offline.

Where can I download the app?

The First Responder App is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

It is available on the Australian Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

What other features does it have?

The app contains first aid guides, a defibrillator and urgent care map, access to community transport, and training history.

Community First Responders

I don't want to be a Community First Responder anymore?

If you no longer wish to receive incident notifications, you can toggle your Community First Responder status from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’.

I have a mobile defibrillator (AED) – can I register it with the app?

If you carry a defibrillator with you, there is no requirement to register it on the app.

You can bring your defibrillator with you when responding to suitable incidents.

Who can become a Community First Responder?

To register as a Community First Responder, you need to have completed an RTO-accredited first aid course or St John WA equivalent first aid course within the past 3 years.

We also accept emergency services personnel and medical or health care practitioners registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

How can I update my personal details?

You can update your details through ‘Settings’ and your ‘Profile’ in the app, or visit 

How long does it take to verify my qualifications or identity?

If you've completed the required first aid training through St John WA, you will be approved immediately.

If any qualifications, registrations or identification need to be verified by our team, it takes approximately 2 business days.

Am I at legal risk delivering first aid in an emergency?

No. State legislation prevents people from incurring any personal civil liability for their actions in providing first aid.

The Civil Liability Act 2002 states:

"A good Samaritan does not incur any personal civil liability in respect of an act or omission done or made by the good Samaritan at the scene of an emergency in good faith and without recklessness in assisting a person in apparent need of emergency assistance."

How will my personal information be used?

We use the information you provide at registration to send you appropriate incidents and provide you with personalised support.

Got more questions about the app? Check out our full list of FAQs