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St John Ambulance Western Australia is committed to providing a world-class, evidence led ambulance service. To help achieve that goal we actively support and participate in research projects at local, national and international level.  

Our focus is very firmly on improved patient care and outcomes through targeted research programs. Our research is largely conducted in partnership with the Pre-Hospital, Resuscitation and Emergency Care Research Unit (PRECRU) at Curtin University.

What does it mean to me?

All clinical data collected by St John can be used for research purposes, however we do this with the utmost respect for patient privacy.

To ensure that privacy and data security is maintained we are fully compliant with all legal requirements regarding the handling and disclosure of clinical data. Any research project requiring data from St John is first approved by a University or Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and subsequently has to be approved by the organisation's Research Governance Committee (RGC). This committee is chaired by the St John Clinical Services Director, A/Prof Paul Bailey and comprises senior researchers and managers, clinical staff and health consumer representation.

Researchers need to provide full disclosure on their project, describe how the data will be used as well as provide a human research ethics committee approval certificate. In most instances only aggregated, de-identified data is provided to researchers – this means no individual person can be identified by the data.

A list of our current projects includes:

  • CPAP – A positive pressure mask for patients in respiratory distress

Should you have any questions or concerns, you should address them in writing to:

A/Prof Paul Bailey 
Chair of St John Research Governance Committee
PO Box 183
Belmont WA 6984

Or email: