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Here's a range of information sheets for you to download for free, and use to display around the office or at home as a reminder of how to treat a range of illnesses and injuries.

You will also find below some links to access other useful first aid resources.


Mobile Device - PDF information sheets:

Medical ID - How to set up guidePDF

First Aid - PDF information sheets:

Asthma attack PDF
Blue-ringed octopus and cone shell bitesPDF
Burns and scaldsPDF
Choking adult child over 1 yearPDF
Choking infant under 1 yearPDF
Cold-induced condition PDF
Diabetes induced emergency PDF
DRSABCD action plan adult and child PDF
DRSABCD action plan infant under 1 yearPDF
Electric shockPDF
Eye injuriesPDF
Febrile convulsionsPDF
Head injuriesPDF
Heart attackPDF
Heat-induced conditionsPDF
Insect bites and stingsPDF
Marine stings PDF
Non-tropical Jellyfish stings PDF
Redback spider bite PDF
Seizures and epilepsy PDF
Severe bleeding PDF
Shock PDF
Snake bitePDF
Spinal injury PDF
Sprains and strainsPDF
Tropical Jellyfish stingsPDF