St John Accreditation logo
St John Accredited courses have the seal of approval by St John WA and are built upon our significant history, experience and infrastructure associated with the provision of quality first aid training.
Widely regarded in Western Australia as the industry leading provider of first aid training, the credibility of  St John WA is unparalleled in the state.
A St John Accreditation ensures courses are firmly based on improved patient care and outcomes by providing practical first aid training that meets the needs of the students. It adheres to:
  • Evidence based clinical research
  • Australian Resuscitation Council standards
  • Innovative education principles and
  • Community needs.
Upon successful course completion, participants will receive a St John Accredited Certificate of Completion.

What is the St John Course Accreditation Program? 

Every St John Accredited course is reviewed by an expert panel made up of clinical, education and training professionals who ensure the courses meet our high standards. The course accreditation is reviewed by the following professionals:
  • Clinical Services Director
  • Executive Manager Education Services
  • University training Fellow and Registered Paramedic
  • First Aid Trainer and Assessor

What benchmark will the accreditation be assessed against? 

St John Accredited course are cross referenced with a set criteria developed by St John WA. It ensures a minimum standard for all first aid training: 

  • Has a measurable learning objective (outcome)
  • Is based on best education practice activities
  • Includes first aid skills as per St John Trainer and Assessor First Aid Skills Manual, reviewed on an annual basis by the St John Clinical Services Director and two Registered Paramedics
  • Meets Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • Includes St John First Aid Action Plan principles - DRSABCD
A St John accreditation is demonstration of sufficient quality assurance processes, which complies with St John Ambulance Western Australia, current and industry validated first aid practice.