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Choose St John WA and make a difference in the community.

From humble beginnings teaching first aid in England through to taking on the responsibility of WA's ambulance service - it has grown to become a sophisticated and complex organisation.

St John WA is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation that exists for the service of humanity. We pride ourselves on our humanitarian work, which we can only do with the support of the WA public and businesses.

Every time that you purchase a product or service from St John, you are not only receiving the best quality available, you are also helping to give vital lifesaving services to the Western Australian community.

By choosing St John:

  • You’re supporting our Community First Responder program which maintains the locations of defibrillators across WA, free of charge. This means we can direct bystanders to the nearest defibrillator to assist victims of sudden cardiac arrest in the vital minutes before paramedics arrive.
  • You’re supporting more than 7,900 volunteers, such as our regional volunteer ambulance officers, who contribute more than $220 million worth of work to the WA community.
  • You’ve contributed to training more than 600,000 school students in first aid, free of charge.
  • You are helping to provide free first aid training sessions for community groups throughout the state. This helps to make first aid training accessible to more people which is particularly valuable in regional areas.
  • You help to provide free ambulance visits to school kids which helps children feel safe and secure if they ever need to travel in an ambulance.

St John also supports humanitarian initiatives overseas.