How to Call Triple Zero Banner

When you call triple zero (000) you will be asked; "Do you require Police, Fire or Ambulance?"

When you are transferred to the correct service you may be asked the following questions:

  1. What is the address of the emergency? Street, cross reference or landmark will be required.
  2. What is the telephone number you are calling from? This is in case your call is terminated or further information is required.
  3. Tell me exactly what has happened? Provide a brief description of the problem.
  4. How old is s/he? If unknown then approximate age.
  5. Is s/he awake (conscious)? Yes or no answer required.
  6. Is s/he breathing? Yes or no answer required.

The Communications Officer will then ask a series of further questions more specific to the problem identified. Answering these questions will ensure the most appropriate ambulance response is provided.

The Communications Officer will give you advice over the phone to assist the patient prior to the arrival of an ambulance. They may also ask you to turn on front lights if it is dark; if possible have someone wait out the front; and make sure the door is unlocked and open so the paramedics can enter.

Please remember to try and stay calm and speak slowly to the Communications Officer. Often an ambulance will be dispatched while you are still on the phone.

If in doubt you should always call triple zero (000). Sadly many people do not call for an ambulance as they are unsure of whether the situation is an emergency or they are concerned about the cost.

By calling triple zero (000), you may save someone's life.