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Our corporate governance statement


The Board of St John WA Group aims to apply strong governance standards conducive to an organisation of St John WA’s size and scale.

The Board affirms that good governance exists by having systems and processes in place appropriate to its circumstances. As St John WA has grown exponentially in the last few years, its governance standards required extra investment over the previous reporting period. This investment will continue through the next year to not only meet its governance obligations, but to perform well amongst them.

St John WA defines ‘governance’ as the relationship and system that directs or controls the organisation. The Board’s role is serious and professional, and its value is to ensure the organisation is run well, within the rules and laws, and ethically with high integrity. As St John WA has grown in size, scale and diversity of services, its governance sophistication has had to grow rapidly in the last few years. St John WA has more work to position itself with high performing governance.

St John WA’s corporate governance framework caters for role delineation, board composition, board effectiveness, risk management, organisational performance, accountability and transparency, stakeholder engagement, conduct and compliance and the culture model.

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