Patient Transfer Services (PTS)

Reliable transport for non-emergency patients.

St John WA provides a flexible, reliable transportation service for patients of all acuity levels, operating 24/7 every day of the year. Our dedicated Ambulance Transport Officers facilitate services including:

  • Inter-hospital patient transfers (IHPT)
  • Discharges for patients returning home
  • Medical facility or clinic appointment transfers
  • Transfers to aged care or other facilities
  • Transport to regional WA
  • Private sector hospital transfers

Operating since 2015, St John WA Patient Transfer Services is the largest provider of planned patient transport in the state. Our extensive fleet and team of Ambulance Transport Officers support communities across both metro and regional Western Australia.


Dedicated to patient care

With over a century of expertise running the State Ambulance service, St John WA is the provider of choice when it comes to customer-focused patient transport. 

Our Ambulance Transport Officers are experienced medical team members who are capable of administering en route medical assistance should the need arise, and are dedicated to caring for all patients while upholding privacy, dignity and safety at all times.

Our officers arrive in a St John WA vehicle and in a uniform similar to a St John WA Paramedic, which is often reassuring for older patients. 


Our fleet

St John WA provides the best transport solution for patients by utilising specialised vehicles designed for all ranges of patient mobility.

These specialised vehicles include:

  • A wheelchair service for clients who require mobility support.
  • A stretcher service for non-ambulant people or clients.
  • Community Transport cars for ambulant clients.


How to book

To book a St John WA Patient Transfer vehicle, you can reach our our WA based contact centre via the online enquiry form or make a booking via telephone to (08) 9334 1234.

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For healthcare providers

Representatives from healthcare services such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes can use our Online Booking Tool (OBT) or make a booking via telephone.

You will need to first register for access to the Online Booking Tool before making a booking.

For your facility login information, please contact .

Online Booking Tool 


Frequently asked questions


Am I eligible for a discount for this service?
To be eligible for Patient Transfer services through St John WA, a patient must:
  • be a resident of Western Australia
  • be over 65 years of age
  • have a written referral for transport from a medical practitioner specifying that it is clinically necessary to be transported
The Department of Health offer 100 per cent discount to eligible patients:
  • Over 65 years of age and are in receipt of a pension.

  • The Department of Health offer 50% discounts for the following groups:
  • Those over 65 years of age but not in receipt of a pension.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders between 55-65 years of age.

  • If you have questions regarding the above, you are welcome to contact our Patient Transfer Services bookings team on (08) 9334 1234, send an enquiry through the form, or email the team at
    What do you mean by "clinically necessary"?

    Clinically necessary means:

    1. A patient requires transport to or from a Medical Facility to diagnose or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease or symptoms;
    2. The patient is expected to receive diagnosis and treatment of the illness, injury, condition, disease or symptoms which meets accepted standards of medicine;
    3. The patient requires minimal clinical supervision, monitoring or care during transport and;
    4. The patient has a referral or other documentation from a medical practitioner confirming that the patient requires clinical supervision, monitoring or care during transport.
    What is the cost of this service?
    The cost of booking a Patient Transfer Vehicle (Booked Priority 4) is $609.

    Eligible community patients who are in receipt of an age pension receive a free transport service, with 100 per cent of the cost met by the Department of Health. Eligible community patients who are not in receipt of an age pension are required to pay 50 per cent of the cost of transport, with the remaining 50 per cent met by the department.

    Please check to see whether your private health insurance covers non-urgent ambulance.
    What is a Community Transport Vehicle?
    • Suitable for patients who don't require en route medical care
    • Patients are able to self-transfer in and out of a sedan vehicle
    • No cognitive impairment
    • Suitable for the elderly and patients that have mild disabilities or injuries
    • Patients can bring their carer or escort
    • Patients can bring walker or collapsible wheelchair
    • Manual wheelchair can be provided upon request
    • Can carry up to 1 x overnight bag
    We also have a volunteer-led Community Transport Service available, you can visit our Metro or Regional service pages for more information.
    What is a Stretcher Vehicle?
    • Is suitable for patients that require medical care en route
    • Transport Paramedics available for medium acuity patient transports
    • Dual Stretcher or Single Stretcher vehicles
    • Dual Stretcher vehicle can accommodate 2 patients (conditions apply)
    • Patients can bring a carer or escort
    • Patient's walking frame or walker can be accommodated
    • SJWA can provide wheelchair if required. Patient's wheelchair is not permitted
    • Can carry up to 1 x 10kg bag and 1 x small personal item if required
    What is a Wheelchair Vehicle?
    • Suitable for patients who require mobility support or are wheelchair-bound
    • Patients must be able to travel alone in the back of the vehicle, without en route medical support
    • Patients must have no cognitive impairment
    • Patients can bring their carer or escort
    • Patient's wheelchair must be compliant with Australian Standards and must be able to secure safely in the vehicle. Our wheelchairs can be provided at request.
    • No gophers or ride on mobility aids
    • Can carry up to 1 x 10kg bag and 1 x small personal item if required
    What is Complex Patient Ambulance Transport?
    • Is suitable for patients who are unable to travel safely in our other vehicles
    • Is designed for bariatric patients with complex medical complications
    • Can cater to patients above 159kgs or 68cm wide
    • Allows patients to bring their carer or escort
    • Can carry up to 1 x 10kg bag and 1 x small personal item if required
    I am unable to use the Online Booking Tool (OBT)
    If you have registered previously and require your login information, please contact

    If you have not yet registered for the OBT, please use the form found here.

    If you are still experiencing issues with the booking platform, please call our team on (08) 9334 1234.
    What am I allowed to bring in the vehicle?
    Depending on the vehicle requested, you may or may not be able to bring your own walker, wheelchair or luggage/overnight bag. Please check with our bookings team when you reserve transportation what you can bring with you on the day.


    Our dedicated Patient Transfer Services team are here to answer your questions. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.