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St John Ambulance operates a "user pays" system which means calling for an ambulance comes at a cost to the patient.

Fees for calling an ambulance in Perth vary, depending on the nature of the call out. Coverage can be obtained through private health insurers and is the individual patient’s responsibility.

Service Fee
 Life threatening (Emergency - Priority 1) $1,072
 Urgent (Priority 2) $1,072
 Non-urgent (Priority 3) $576
 Patient Transfer Vehicle (Booked Priority 4 & 5) $511

If you are an Aged Pensioner, you may be covered for ambulance transport. Please refer to Pensioner Ambulance Services for further information.

Costs associated with ambulance services, whether emergency or not, will be incurred by the patient.

This cost is not covered by Medicare, Healthcare cards, Pharmaceutical or Pensioner Benefit Cards. In the metropolitan area St John Ambulance has not operated the Ambulance Cover since 1997.

To see what level of ambulance cover you hold, please check with your private health insurer.