How to treat febrile convulsions

A Febrile Convulsion is a fit or a seizure that occurs in children aged six (6) months to five (5) years. Convulsions in infants and children are quite common and usually brief lasting no more than 5 minutes.

    What to do

    During convulsion

    1. Follow DRSABCD St John Action Plan
    2. Place the child/infant on their side
    3. DO NOT restrain the child/infant
    4. Remove child’s excess clothing or wrapping to cool them down - DO NOT cool by sponging or bathing.

    After convulsion

    1. Follow DRSABCD St John Action Plan
    2. Place infant/child into the recovery position if unconscious and breathing
    3. Rest and reassure
    4. Monitor airway and breathing, and keep cool
    5. Seek medical aid
    6. If the casualty’s temperature rises again or another seizure follows – call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance.

    Caused by

    • A rapid rise in body temperature to even 1.5ºC above the norm (37.5ºC) can cause convulsions
    • Fever
    • Infection
    • Other conditions.

      Signs and symptoms

      • Fever (can be as low as 38.5°C)
      • Muscle stiffening
      • Twitching or limb jerking
      • Eyes rolling upwards
      • Blue tinge to face and lips
      • Unconsciousness.