First Responder FAQs

Here you will find a bunch of frequently asked questions about the St John WA First Responder app.

The First Responder app allows qualified first aiders in Western Australia to register to become Community First Responders.

It also has a range of valuable features to support you in learning and using first aid, as well as helping you to be emergency-ready.

About the App

Have questions about the app? This section should help to answer some of the most frequent questions.

What is the First Responder app?

The app allows qualified first aiders in Western Australia to register to become Community First Responders.

If a nearby (500m) medical emergency occurs, they can assist until help arrives.

It's full of features that support you with learning and delivering first aid. It helps you to be emergency-ready.

What features don't work without the internet?

The features which require mobile coverage and internet access are:

  • Dial 000 (mobile coverage)
  • Dial 000 automatic GPS locator (internet access)
  • First Responder (internet access)
  • Your courses (internet access)
Does the First Responder App work without the internet?

Many features don't require internet access.

However, the first time you use the app, you will need the internet to download content.

You will need to visit both the defibrillator and urgent care maps directly to download their content.

Once downloaded, you'll be able to use these features offline.

Where can I download the app?

The First Responder App is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

It is available on the Australian Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

What other features does it have?

The app contains first aid guides, a defibrillator and urgent care map, access to community transport, and training history.

Community First Responders

Have questions about being a Community First Responder? This section should help answer most of those frequently asked questions.

I don't want to be a Community First Responder anymore?

If you no longer wish to receive incident notifications, you can toggle your Community First Responder status from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’.

I have a mobile defibrillator (AED) – can I register it with the app?

If you carry a defibrillator with you, there is no requirement to register it on the app.

You can bring your defibrillator with you when responding to suitable incidents.

Who can become a Community First Responder?

To register as a Community First Responder, you need to have completed an RTO-accredited first aid course or St John WA equivalent first aid course within the past 3 years.

We also accept emergency services personnel and medical or health care practitioners registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

How can I update my personal details?

You can update your details through ‘Settings’ and your ‘Profile’ in the app, or visit 

How long does it take to verify my qualifications or identity?

If you've completed the required first aid training through St John WA, you will be approved immediately.

If any qualifications, registrations or identification need to be verified by our team, it takes approximately 2 business days.

Am I at legal risk delivering first aid in an emergency?

No. State legislation prevents people from incurring any personal civil liability for their actions in providing first aid.

The Civil Liability Act 2002 states:

"A good Samaritan does not incur any personal civil liability in respect of an act or omission done or made by the good Samaritan at the scene of an emergency in good faith and without recklessness in assisting a person in apparent need of emergency assistance."

How will my personal information be used?

We use the information you provide at registration to send you appropriate incidents and provide you with personalised support.

Responding to incidents

Have questions about responding to an incident? This section should here might answer some of them.

How should I get to the incident?

Travel to the scene by foot.

If it's safe to do so, you may travel by car, but you must follow regular road rules.

IYou're not exempted from adhering to the Australian Road Rules, relevant traffic legislation, or any other pertinent legal requirements.

Am I notified of all incidents near me?

If you've registered as a Community First Responder, you will be notified of incidents within 500m of your location.

Some emergencies will not trigger an incident alert due to safety concerns or other factors.

Can I bring my children with me?

Don't bring children with you. If you're supervising children, you should not accept the incident notification.

What kinds of incidents can I be notified about?

You can respond to a range of incident types depending on your level.

You can see the incident types you can respond to by viewing your level in the First Responder feature of the app.

Advanced-level responders can respond to more severe emergencies than Basic levels.

Should I take anything with me to the scene?

If you have a defibrillator or first aid kit ready that is quickly accessible, you should take them with you.

What happens if the patient no longer needs an ambulance while I'm responding?

Occasionally, an incident will be updated while you are travelling to the scene.

This can include the incident being ‘cancelled’ or 'completed'.

If an incident is cancelled or completed, your assistance is no longer required.

Don't attend the incident if it's been cancelled or completed.

Do I have to accept the incident notification?

Accepting an incident is optional. Don't accept an incident if you're feeling sleep-deprived or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Multiple Community First Responders can respond to the same incident. In addition, there is always an ambulance on the way.

At the incident

Do you have some questions about being at an incident? Let's see if some of them are covered here.

What should I do when an ambulance arrives?

When the ambulance crew arrives, provide them with a brief handover if required.

If the crew no longer requires your assistance, please leave the incident.

How do I introduce myself at the incident?

Introduce yourself in the following manner:

“My name is ....
I'm a St John Community First Responder. Can I help while the ambulance is on the way?”

Will someone know that I'm coming to help?

Our State Operations Center will know if you've accepted an incident.

When arriving at the incident, the patient, Triple Zero (000) caller and bystanders might not know who you are.

It's best to clearly communicate who you are and that you're here to help.

My safety

Safety is super important! If you've got questions about it, we'll answer them the best we can.

Do I have legal protection when responding to an incident?

When you respond to an incident, you're responding as a “Good Samaritan”.

As a good samaritan, you are protected under the Civil Liability Act 2002(WA) from any personal civil liability.

Exceptions where a "Good Samaritan" is not protected from liability are:

  • intoxicated by alcohol or under the influence of drugs;
  • intentional act of unlawful sexual conduct or sexual offence;
  • unlawful intentional act to cause personal injury to a person.
What if I don’t feel safe?

At any time while responding to an incident you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you should not continue.

This applies before and after you have arrived. Your safety is a priority.

An ambulance will be on the way to care for the patient regardless.

What about support?

Being a Community First Responder means you might need some support from time to time. See if the below answers help or reach out to us.

What if I have additional questions?

Please use the feedback form within the app or email

What happens if I need to talk to someone about my experience?

You will receive an email detailing the support services available to you.

However, if you need to reach out now, our Community First Responder team can help.

Please contact the team via (08) 9334 1418 or email

What happens after I respond to an incident?

The First Responder App will ask you to submit feedback.

Your feedback helps us to understand what went well and where we could improve. It helps us better support you.

You will also receive an email detailing the support services available to you.

Technical support

Having trouble with the First Responder app? Here are some answers to the common questions we get.

How do I enable Background App Refresh for the First Responder app?

Some features in the app might not work unless you enable Background App Refresh.

The First Responder feature requires you to enable Background App Refresh.

Having trouble enabling it? Visit this Apple support page.

How do I log out and log in with a different account?

In the app, go to Settings. Under the 'Account' section you will see 'Logout'.

My current location is incorrect on the app?

Your current location may not be correct for a few reasons.

Sometimes indoors, a phone’s GPS can’t get an accurate fix.

Also, ensure that your WiFi settings are turned ON.

If you are still experiencing issues with your location, get in touch by submitting feedback in the app or email

What if I require further technical support?

Please use the feedback form within the app or email

Can I download the First Responder App outside of Australia?

The St John WA First Responder app is only available on the Australian App Store / Play Store.

If you've recently moved, you can update your store location:

What happens when I get a new phone?

You can only be logged into one device at a time.

By logging into your new phone, your old phone will be automatically logged out of the app.

I completed training with St John WA but the app couldn't find my history?

If you're trying to register as a Community First Responder or your course isn't appearing in the Training feature, you can try switching accounts.

Ensure you're logged in with the account you completed your St John WA first aid training with.

I was near to an incident but didn’t get notified?

Some emergencies will not trigger an incident alert due to safety concerns or other factors.

An incident must be a specific type, match your level and meet a set of filtered criteria.

Not receiving an incident is a common concern. When an incident matches the criteria, you will be alerted.

How do I give the First Responder app permission to use my location?

Some features in the app might not work unless you enable Location Services.

The First Responder feature requires you to select 'Always' for location services.

Having trouble enabling it? Visit this Apple support page.

What happens if I call Triple Zero (000) using the app with limited mobile coverage?

When you call Triple Zero (000) using the app, the app places an emergency call using your phone dialer.

If coverage of your own network is limited, Triple Zero (000) automatically uses any available network operator to place the call.

So yes, you will still need to be in the mobile coverage area of at least one mobile network operator to be able to make a 000 call.

Why is the incident limit only 500m?

St John WA needs to consider the impact of Community First Responders using motor vehicles to attend an incident.

Due to this, we only notify you if you're within 500m.

We are constantly reviewing this. In the future, we might expand the radius for certain users.

Need some help?

Our First Responder Team are ready to help. Get in touch now:

Call us on (08) 9334 1418

Or email