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Access to safe, reliable, affordable transportation is something most people take for granted.

However, for many, transport is a significant challenge. St John Community Transport Service helps fill this void by providing a vital transportation service to help meet the everyday needs of the people we serve.

Our St John Community Transport Service caters to the needs of the wider community including the elderly and people with moderate disabilities as well as their carers. It is a non-profit passenger service that exists to serve those who cannot use mainstream public transport systems or their usual form of transport. Our Community Transport Service is for ambulant passengers who require no extra assistance or medical care on-route and those who are able to aid themselves in and out of a normal sedan. 

By choosing St John Community Transport Service we can offer you a reliable, cost effective transport solution to meet your needs. In most situations, transport is provided as an individual service however there may be occasions where passengers are asked to share with others who are travelling to close destinations. The service offers a range of transport options tailored to the needs of our passengers and can also be part of your consumer directed care packages. 

Community Transport Service includes:
  • A companion service to accompany clients through their journey.
  • An option to have your own carer accompany you free of charge.
  • A car service for mobile clients who require transportation to and from their appointment. This can include hospital and specialist appointments, podiatry, physiotherapy and many more.
Community Transport Service offers:
  • Highly qualified, caring transport officers.
  • Dedicated fleet of vehicles.
  • On-time pick up and arrival.
  • Accessibility across metropolitan Western Australia.Affordable, flat rate for safe and reliable travel.

For bookings or more information please contact Community Transport Services on (08) 9334 1300 or email: