Anyone can make a difference with a defib

Help us improve cardiac arrest survival rates

When someone suffers from cardiac arrest, that person's likelihood of survival drops 10% for every minute a defib is not used to restart the heart. It's therefore critical to use a defib within minutes of cardiac arrest while CPR is being performed. Paramedics will take over when the ambulance arrives. 

Defibs are really easy to use

There is nothing hard about using a defib. It even talks you through the steps and, once applied, operates without assistance. It’s also impossible to hurt someone with a defib. If a heart is beating, it won’t apply a shock.

Whether in your home or workplace, let’s get as many defibs out into the community as possible and help life go on.

Watch St John Paramedic Brooke demonstrate how easy it is to use a defib.

Interested in neighbourhood crowdfunding for a defibrillator? 

Buy a defibrillator today for yourself or the office. See our range here

Share the cost of a defib with your neighbours

Championing the funding of a defibrillator for your neighbourhood. With everyone chipping in just a little, a defib within reach could save your neighbour, loved one or even your own life.    

Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you and provide you with the tools to help you achieve this.

There is no obligation by submitting your interest.      

How safe is your workplace? 

Book a St John Safe Assessment and our experts will visit your workplace for no charge to assess how you can make your business safer. They'll also talk you through what sort of defib your business should purchase, where it should be located and how to use it.

Book a St John Safe Assessment

Call: 9334 1233 or email:

Where should you keep a defib?

Keep your defib in an easily accessible spot on the outside of your home.
You can also keep it in your car, so it moves around with you.

Download the St John First Responder App

You can locate and register defibrillators on the free
St John First Responder App

Are you a survivor of a recent cardiac arrest, or know someone who is? We want to invite you to our Celebrate Life event. It's free and is aimed at celebrating survivors and the first responders involved in saving their life.

Register now.

RSVPs close Friday 4 November. 


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