ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator - Semi Automatic

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Improved Real CPR Help® 

High-quality CPR is key to saving a life, but how do you know if you are pushing hard enough and fast enough? With Real CPR Help, you know. It guides rescuers to provide compressions that meet the current Guidelines for rate and depth. Voice prompts tell rescuers when they should “Start CPR” and when they need to “Push harder.” In addition, a constant-click metronome guides the compression rate. 

Program Management Onboard™ 

Every AED 3 is equipped with Wi-Fi for seamless communication with your wireless network. Easily link your AED 3 to ZOLL’s PlusTrac™ AED Programme Management System to monitor its status. At the conclusion of every automatic self-test (daily or weekly), your AED 3 reports results to PlusTrac. If the self-test fails, or if your AED 3 fails to report when scheduled, PlusTrac lets you know immediately.  

Push Child Button for Paediatric Rescue 

The CPR Uni-padz are truly universal. No need to keep an extra set of paediatric pads on hand in case the victim is a child. No need to change pads to move from one rescue type to another. No key is needed either. If the victim is a child, just push the Child button. (When Child Rescue is selected, Real CPR Help omits the voice prompts and provides only the metronome when it detects compressions.) 

CPR Uni-padz with Five-year Shelf Life 

AED electrodes typically conduct defibrillating electricity into the patient via a metal plate coated with a salt-infused gel. Over time, the salt in the gel will corrode the metal plate and eventually compromise conductivity. ZOLL’s novel electrode design prevents compromising corrosion for five years.



The ZOLL AED 3™ builds on our reputation for providing rescuers with unmatched support and a low total cost of ownership. The ZOLL AED 3 embodies all of the same great qualities of its predecess