Commercial Kit

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Dimensions: 410mm x 300mm x 170mm

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Industrial First Aid Kits 

If you are looking for a comprehensive industrial first aid box for your workplace, then look no further. This commercial first aid kit is specifically designed for industrial use, meeting the needs of workplaces throughout Australia such as food service industries where durable plastic cabinets are required.  

Containing an extensive range of first aid industrial medical supplies, this commercial first aid kit has everything you need to keep your workplace prepared for an emergency situation.  

Buy First Aid Box for Industrial Use  

With over 126 years’ experience in providing commercial and industrial first aid kits throughout Australia, St John WA has you covered. Including an array of essential industrial first aid supplies, buy this Commercial Kit online today. With Australia-wide shipping and free delivery to the Perth metro on orders over $99.  

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Kit Contents

This Commercial Kit is a large industrial first aid kit with all the medical supplies you need to keep your organisation safety compliant. See below for details of the industrial first aid supplies included.  

2 Crepe bandages – 5cm x 1.5m  
1 Crepe bandage – 7.5cm x 1.5m  
1 Crepe bandage – 10cm x 1.5m  
2 Combine dressing pads – 10 x 20cm  
2 Triangular bandages – 110 x 110cm  
2 Non-adherent dressings – 5 x 5cm  
2 Non-adherent dressings – 7.5 x 10cm  
2 Eye pads – sterile (large)  
1 Sterile wound dressing – No.13  
1 Sterile wound dressing – No.14  
1 Sterile wound dressing – No.15  
3 Gauze swabs sterile – 7.5 x 7.5cm (pk 3)  
1 Hypo-allergenic tape – 1.25cm x 9.1m  
1 Hypo-allergenic tape – 2.5cm x 9.1m  
1 Skin closure strips – 4 x 76mm (pk 4)  
1 Pack fabric strips (pk 50)  
10 Antiseptic skin preparation swabs  
5 Saline steritubes – 15ml  
1 Scissors stainless steel sharp/blunt – 12.5cm  
1 Forceps stainless steel sharp – 12.5cm  
1 Splinter probe/remover sterile disposable (pk 5)  
3 Gloves latex non powdered – medium (pk 2)  
1 Resuscitation mask – disposable  
1 Emergency shock blanket  
1 Reusable hot/cold pack with cover – 150 x 300mm  
1 Pack disposable towels (pk 3)  
1 Pack safety pins – assorted (pk 12)  
1 Notepad and pencil  
1 Emergency First Aid Guide