First Aid Skills

Digital first aid training from St John.

We are excited to bring our industry leading first aid training into the digital era, with our new St John Accredited First Aid Skills training available on mobile (Android and iOS) and on web-based desktop platforms, with virtual reality based courses coming soon. 

As part of our purpose at St John we want to make first aid a part of everyone's life, and through our new digital first aid training suite, we can make first aid training more accessible, for more people than ever before. 

First Aid Skills - Online

Do an online first aid course or individual skills from the convenience of your computer whenever suits you.

Try the free DRSABCD skill where you learn the life-saving first aid action plan. Our wide range of skills are just $2.99 each and will immerse you in life-like scenarios to equip you in a first aid emergency. We also have a range of online courses (comprising multiple individual skills) from just $5.00.


First Aid Skills - App

You can download the St John First Aid Skills app on your mobile device and get started straight away.  The St John Action Plan, DRSABCD module is free when you download the app and provides you with the basic first aid skills you need for any situation.  Other modules are available to purchase and more and more will be added over time.

Download and get started now!


First Aid Skills - Virtual Reality

If you are looking for a more immersive learning experience, you can now book in to learn critical first aid skills in virtual reality.  You can join us in our Perth CBD training centre for a state-of-the-art learning experience for the following critical first aid skills:

  • St John Action Plan - DRSABCD
  • CPR
  • Defibrillation
  • Infection Control

If you could like to book a first aid session in virtual reality, call us on (08) 9334 1233 or email and we will book you in for a session.

If you would like more information, please call (08) 9334 1233 or email







Be amongst the first to become St John Accredited with the new First Aid Skills, in virtual reality. Coming early 2019! 


Learn First Aid skills on the go

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Practice life saving skills at a time that suits you, from anywhere! Introducing St John WA’s latest app, St John First Aid Skills - a world-class training experience to suit all ages. Get your first training module free.

Get it now

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Please send any questions regarding the app to

MIA (short for Medical Information Assistant) is a parabot who assists humans in the virtual world.  Her mission is to preserve life, prevent further injury, promote recovery and protect the unconscious. 

Mia loves helping and guiding others, learning about health and medicine, collecting helpful objects and inventing new devices. In the human world she would weight about 7.5kg. MIA lives in her own space called Home. It’s her invention space, living quarters, storage, demo area and starting point for most stories. Favourite saying in English is “Awesome!”


Life Goes On Week in Yagan Square, 13 - 20 October 2018

It was an action-packed week full of fun activities for the kids, new aged first aid training and live art installations. Not to mention, virtual reality pods, ambulance tours and live art. Take a look at the launch of First Aid Skills

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