Manikin - Mini Anne Pack Plus Laerdal Light Skin

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Dimensions: 10 Pack

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The Mini Anne Plus kit is designed to increase efficiency while maintaining quality CPR education. With improved reusable manikins now in a class set, Mini Anne Plus is the ideal classroom solution for CPR training.

This Kit includes 10 manikins (light skin), 10 kneel mats, 10 pump bags, 1 carry bag, 2 mesh collection bags, 10 face masks, 50 manikin wipes, 50 airways

  • The 10-pack of Mini Anne Plus provide students with the necessary tools to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR and how to use an AED in just one class period. In less than 1 hour you can:

Teach learners how to recognize cardiac arrest

Teach how to perform correct CPR

Cover how public access defibrillators work

  • Correct compression depth

A built-in clicker allows learners to hear when the correct compression depth is reached, in accordance with international CPR guidelines.

  • Hygienic and clean

Fast, easy and clean – Mini Anne Plus comes with face wipes and a replaceable lung which can be changed between classes.

  • Minimal preparation

Set up classes in minutes. The Mini Anne Plus kits comes with training mats and a new innovative pump bag, allowing students to inflate their own manikin.

  • Less than a dollar

Use Mini Anne Plus in over 600 training sessions, and the average cost is less than one dollar per student trained.

  • Quality guaranteed

Perform over 300 000 compressions on a Mini Anne Plus. One training session can reach 500 compressions per manikin.

  • Affordable consumables
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