Find everything you need to ensure your home, school or workplace is equipped for any emergency situation. Our extensive range of first aid and medical supplies in Australia makes it easy for you to keep your emergency first aid kits up-to-date and fully stocked.

First Aid Supplies

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Model Torso - Mentone 26cm

15 Part - 26cm

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$168.32 includes GST

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$160.55 includes GST

Patient Carry Sheet - Ferno

Length: 175cm x Width: 68cm


$160.00 includes GST

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$149.00 includes GST

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$149.00 includes GST


$129.95 includes GST


$117.32 includes GST

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$100.02 includes GST

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$95.67 includes GST

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$92.40 includes GST


$87.99 includes GST

At St John, we provide a wide selection of medical supplies from Instrument Trolleys and Examination Couches, to Privacy Screens and Personal Locators. Buy all your first aid kit supplies and medical equipment online, with St John WA.

First Aid Kit Refills & Essentials 

Looking for specific items for your first aid kit refills? Look no further; St John WA has all the essentials you need to re-stock and replenish your first aid kit supplies. From bandages and eyewash, to resuscitation masks and burns dressings, we have a wide range of medical equipment and emergency first aid kit supplies for sale.

Buy First Aid Kit Supplies Online in Australia

Stock up on all your first aid kit essentials online with St John WA. All orders over $99 receive free shipping to the Perth metro area.