Tiny Tots First Aid Course

Learn how to protect your little ones by the leaders in First Aid.

Protect your toddler or infant with this concise short course that teaches you the skills to perform CPR and how to respond to febrile convulsions, anaphylaxis, asthma, bleeds and a range of other childhood related illnesses and injuries. This course is available at a number of our training centre locations across Perth and regional WA.


per person to learn the essential life-saving skills

3.5 hours

in-class learning available at training centres across Western Australia


Phone our first aid training team on (08) 9334 1233


What you'll learn

During this 3.5-hour first aid course, you will learn a range of skills to protect your family in a first aid emergency. This course covers a variety of modules, from CPR and defibrillation, to managing bleeding and burns. During the course you will learn about: 


Practise lifesaving CPR techniques.


Understand and practise responding to choking hazards.


Learn the signs of anaphylaxis and how to treat it.


Understand and manage asthma attacks.


Learn to recognise and respond to poisoning incidents.


Understand and manage fever-related emergencies.

Febrile Convulsions 

Learn the symptoms and how to respond.

Burns & Bleeding

Learn about a range of childhood related injuries.


Tiny Tots First Aid Kit

Infant First Aid Kit Image

Designed for new parents


This lightweight and portable first aid kit has been designed to treat a variety of injuries that your new-born, baby, or toddler may experience. The kit fits perfectly in your car, pram, or nursery containing the essentials to care for your little one.

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