First Aid Focus Primary School

St John WA provides First Aid Focus, a free in-school program that allows WA students to learn basic first aid skills. This program offers fun, engaging and age-appropriate classes for all students ranging from kindy to year 6. Our experienced Community Education Officers demonstrate the correct first aid approach, as well as students having the opportunity to practice and rehearse these life-saving skills. 

Schools must have a minimum of 3 consecutive classes and a maximum of 5 classes per day. Maximum 32 students per class with a minimum of 10. 

First Aid Focus Program

Kindergarten - Pre-primary 

30 minute Story time 

Through a storybook and with the aid of Kura the Bear, students will see how to identify an emergency, what number to call and understand the role of who can help in an emergency. 

First Aid Focus Program

Year 1 & 2

45 minute to 1 hour (DRS of DRSABCD) 

Students will learn how to recognise a Danger, how to get someone to Respond accordingly and when to Send for help in an emergency. At the end of the session students will be able to understand what an emergency is and how to recognise an ambulance and a paramedic.

First Aid Focus Program

Year 3 - 5

1 hour (DRSAB of DRSABCD) 

This session is designed to provide opportunities to identify, practise and develop the student’s skills. The focus for the students is to assess the casualties' condition, check their airways and breathing, and how to place the casualty into the recovery position.

First Aid Focus Program

Year 6

1 hour (DRSABCD) First Aid Action Plan 

In this practical session students will build on their prior knowledge of the St John WA Action plan and learn how to treat a casualty who is unconscious and not breathing normally. The demonstrations will reinforce the message of staying safe and seeking help quickly in an emergency.


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