Road Trauma

This 50 minute demonstration is designed to be delivered to high school students from sixteen years of age plus. The presentation is aimed to raise adolescents' awareness of road trauma but more so to teach them about practical first aid in a vehicle incident situation where emergency services have not yet arrived. This in turn will help to keep themselves, their friends and other road users safe and protected from injury or further harm.


By the end of this module students will be able to:

  • Define what trauma is
  • List the causes and contributors to road trauma
  • Describe the most common injuries that result from road trauma
  • Explain the correct first aid measures to manage these injuries and situations

Schools must have a minimum of 3 consecutive classes and a maximum of 5 classes per day. Maximum 32 students per class. Please book for as many students as possible across appropriate year levels to maximise the opportunity for students. 


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