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St John WA Event Health Services is the best equipped event medical team in Western Australia.

As well as a large pool of medical staff to draw on, we have a variety of vehicles, medications and equipment, to cater for any size of event.

In addition, Event Health Services has direct access to the extensive resources of St John WA. St John WA has 29 metropolitan depots, 160 regional sub centres, over 600 vehicles, and more than 6,000 staff and volunteers spread across Western Australia.


Patient Management Vehicles

Event Health Services has a dedicated fleet of vehicles, which are some of the most advanced mobile patient management facilities in Australia. Common vehicles used at events include:

  • Medical Posts: Caravans and Mercedes Benz Sprinters fitted out as mobile medical suites which are able to manage patients in a comfortable, private environment with all medical resources within reach.
  • Command Posts: State-of-the-art mobile operation centres which can manage the event on-site with direct radio, telecommunication and IT links directly to the St John WA State Operations Centre (which takes all the triple zero (000) emergency ambulance calls).
  • Retrieval Vehicles: Small scale “ambulances” which are large enough to carry a patient on a stretcher with an event health staff member managing them, but small enough to fit through crowds and along footpaths.
  • Equipment Trailers: Mobile supply storerooms that carry resources to treat hundreds of patients. They are equipped with power generation, lighting and medical treatment tents which allow Event Health Services to establish portable medical centres that run self-sufficiently.
  • Cycle Response Bikes: Mountain bikes to be used by specially trained and equipped event health staff who can rapidly respond to an incident by bike.

Well resourced

Event Health Services has an extensive range of medications and equipment to cater for basic first aid and more complex pre-hospital care procedures. The type of medications and equipment provided depends on the type of event health staff attending and our assessment of your event, but is likely to include:

  • First Aid Kits 
  • Treatment bags
  • Defibrillators
  • Range of oxygen delivery systems and resuscitation equipment
  • Wide range of general and emergency medications
  • Portable Radios – with a direct link to the onsite Command Post (if applicable) and the St John WA State Operations Centre