Do I need to provide medical care at my event?

Accidents can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time. Last financial year St John Event Health Services treated 5,163 people at various events across WA.

You don’t want a medical emergency to be your main event, so we highly recommend considering the provision of medical care.

Contact our Event Health Services team to discuss your event and you’ll probably be surprised at how inexpensive our service is.

You can view our General Conditions - Event Health Services Agreement here.

Why choose St John Ambulance Event Health Services?

St John Ambulance is a charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organisation. As a non-profit company, St John relies on income from its revenue-generating activities (such as Event Health Services) to fund its community initiatives. When organisations choose St John, not only are they receiving a quality service, but their funds are invested back into the Western Australian community.

How many medical staff do I need for my event?

A minimum of two event health staff are required at any event and we can provide a large number of medical staff if required.

Event Health Services will undertake a medical risk analysis of your event and recommend the qualification level and number of medical staff required.

Don’t you use volunteers?

Yes, Event Health Services is comprised of a combination of paid and unpaid staff. Many of our Event Health Officers are unpaid volunteers and we are proud of this. Our volunteer model not only enables St John Ambulance to provide event medical services at a significantly lower rate, but our volunteer Event Health Officers love their work. Their desire to help people is reflected in their positive, friendly attitude on the job and they often accumulate more hours on-the-job experience than many paid staff of other medical event providers.

At our annual reward ceremony in 2013, 35 of our volunteers were recognized for more than 3 years of service and 48 of our volunteers were rewarded for contributing more than 250 hours of volunteer work during the year. In fact, 7 of our volunteers had contributed more than 500 hours!

It is our amazing, dedicated and committed group of paid and unpaid people that make Event Health Services so successful at what we do.