Support Staff

Event Health Services can provide the full range of medical personnel – including event health officers, paramedics, nurses and doctors.

In our experience, the provision of St John WA paramedics and/or event health officers is typically more than adequate to cover the risks at most events.

St John WA Paramedics

St John WA has been operating the Western Australian ambulance service for more than 90 years. As such, we are the only State provider of paramedics with current on-road experience.

St John WA paramedics can manage a range of acute and chronic illnesses including major trauma and can administer a wide range of medications without authorisation.

St John WA attracts high caliber people and provides world-class training. The qualities of our paramedics include:  

  • Active in the WA ambulance service.
  • University degree in Paramedicine or Paramedical Science or an Advanced Diploma.
  • Advanced life Support trained meaning they can administer resuscitation medications, perform advanced airway manoeuvres, insert cannulas etc.
  • Trained in initial assessment and differential diagnosis, management of patients of all ages and emergency childbirth
  • Trained in emergency driving skills.
  • Undergo annual training in on-road skills, emergency response and health care.
  • Selected from an extremely demanding recruitment and selection process which ensures only the best candidates are on the job.
  • Have personality traits suited to patient care and dealing with emergency situations.

Our 2023 Customer satisfaction survey results reflect the high level of treatment and care provided by St John WA paramedics:

  • 98% of customers were satisfied by the paramedic care received
  • 71% were satisfied by the time taken to be connected to an ambulance service call taker - outperforming all other jurisdictions
  • 98% overall satisfaction

St John WA Event Health Officers

St John WA Event Health Officers provide more than just “first aid”. They are qualified in Provide First Aid to Advanced Ambulance Care, which allows the same clinical scope as those working in the Country Ambulance Service.

Event Health Officers are licensed to use a wide range of medications in the field and are trained to manage a range of medical scenarios – from basic first aid to complex clinical interventions. This high level of training enables Event Health Officers to manage many medical conditions on-site and reduces the number of people being transported to hospital for medical attention.

Event Health Officer training includes:

  • Provide First Aid (previously Senior First Aid)
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Advanced Resuscitation
  • Basic and Advanced Medications
  • Vital Signs
  • Patient Retrieval
  • Lifting and Moving
  • Driver Awareness
  • Leadership Training
  • Event Command and Client Liaison
  • Radio and Communications

Exceptional Medical Training

St John Ambulance College of Pre-hospital Care is a world-class, nationally accredited training organisation and is Western Australia’s largest pre-hospital training provider.

St John WA has a strong focus on continual training and all St John WA Paramedics and Event Health Officers must undergo regular training through the College to ensure that their scope of practice remains current.

Clinical Governance

Importantly, all St John WA medical team membvers operate under St John WA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines which ensures that each patient receives the highest level of care and the best possible medical outcome. All St John WA medical team members have direct access to clinical governance support services within St John WA, 24 hours a day.

St John WA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines are constantly being audited and amended to ensure that St John WA remains the State’s leader in the field of pre-hospital care.